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in albany. 47 in hartford. if you are up here in new england this morning, it's jacket weather. warmer down in d.c., 68 to start your morning. clouds on the increase today, too. not the perfect sunshine in this region like we had the last couple of days. rain is heading your way. this area of yellow could be as much as two inches of rain over the catskills, berkshires. the forecast today, rain for buffalo, pittsburgh, serious, state college, albany later today. more or less boston and hartford, the best chance of rain for you in new york city, overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. friday's forecast, the rain moves out and cooler and clear out behind it. the rest of the country, not many problems, just some rain this morning in michigan. >> all right, bill, thank i. >>> which actor is fighting mad over rumors he cheated on his wife. >>> plus it's a list everyone wants to make, "people" magazine's best dressed. your "first look" at entertainment is straight ahead. ♪ going faster than a roller coaster ♪ ♪ love like yours will surely come my way ♪ ♪ a-hey, a-hey-hey ♪ every day, i
noticed. they have really bad aim. so no one usually gets hit. >> reporter: but a 13-year-old albany middle school student whaent so lucky. friday night on his way home from a football game, police say a group of students didn't just throw eggs, they threw punches. the teen suffered a school fracture, and his attacker was later arrested for felony assault. >> he did a foolish mistake. >> reporter: he graduated last year. he says he knows both boys and that a retaliation could be coming. >> if anything, things could get ugly. >> that's not really what it's about. not physically assaulting them. >> reporter: albany editor emily was on a ride-along with police friday. she says the attack was one of five egging incidents police responded to that night. >> we all know this is a tradition. with the eggs and this has gone too far. >> reporter: she says the 17-year-old was taken into custody to apologize. >> it seems very apologetic and since sincere. >> that wasn't enough. the principal says that boy will be expelled and any other students caught hazing or bullying will be given zero tolera
hazing or a crime? a weekly ritual of the egging freshman students at albany high school ended with a 13-year-old in the hospital. as nbc bay area's vicky nguyen reports, the principal is asking for some help. >> a lot of my friends are like, had eggs thrown at them. >> reporter: freshman paul rainhaute says so far he's escaped freshman fridays when seniors drive by younger students and pelt them with raw eggs. >> just see kids out in cars going down the road with sweatshirts over their faces so they don't get noticed, and they just throw eggs out the car, but they have really bad aim, so no one usually gets hit. >> reporter: but a 13-year-old albany middle school student wasn't so lucky. friday night on his way home from a football game, they say a group of students didn't just throw eggs, they threw punches. the teen suffered a skull fracture and his attacker was later arrested for felony assault. >> he did a foolish mistake, actually. why would you hit a little kid. >> reporter: he graduated last year, he knows both boys and that a retaliation could be coming. >> with anything, things
. this is a man who said he is going to take a baseball bat to albany, yes, he's mad as hell and he represents the voters who are mad as hell. so, again, a sign that he was the choice of angry voters out there, managed to capture that. didn't hurt that he was a poure lot of his money into this. >> let's talk about new hampshire. still too close to call there. >> it is. kelly who has been backed by sarah palin is attorney general in that state and clinging to a very narrow lead. you can see it right there as they continue to count the votes over a tea party-backed candidate. kelly who was the favorite in this. she was backed by palin and a lot of people see her as a national star for the republican party. a few women of natural stature in the republican party and she faced a tough contest in new hampshire and the expectation is that she might be able to pull it off, but it will be a narrow victory. chris? >> thank you so much. i want to bring in karen finny, former press secretary for hillary clinton and also ron christy who is a republican strategist and former assistant to former president bu
the leadership in albany for sure. it is not just washington, dc, but albany. we have a dysfunctional government there, one party system. the founding fathers did not envision a one-party system in washington, dc, or in the states. we need checks and balances. >> but that is state level, albany, you are trying to be a senator in the u.s. senate. what can you do at the national level that would change the culture, the political culture, the tax structure of stays leak new york and new jersey? >>guest: stop spending we don't have. the bottom line, and why my message is resonating, the only practicing c.p.a. elected to congress we are spending money we don't have, borrowing from countries like china, it use to be japan, that do not share our values and we are giving up the american dream it is about the american dream. >> do the people of new york respond to that message? if you spend less in new york state you will have massive layoffs and a massive reduction in government employment. can you get elected with that message? >> i am not talking about the people spending less. would hope we can emplo
'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> i'll clean out albany with a base bat. >> tough guy carl paladino, a tea party favorite is six points behind andrew cuomo in the new york gubernatorial race. that is shocking. we'll tell you why it is happening. do you, jon stewart have obama remorse? there was a sense that oh, jesus will walk on water but now you're looking at me like oh, look at that, he's just treading water. >> laura ingraham watched the stewart-o'reilly shootout very closely last night and had some critiques. uh-oh! also tonight, police taze some men who led them on a high speed chase in florida. >> one person running. >> and now the cops may be in trouble. megan kelly has been investigating. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now! >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. a shocking political poll in new york state. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. conservative carl paladino backed by the tea party is running for governor against new york attorney general andrew cuomo whose father used to be the gover
over two tenths of an inch of rain in winchester. 15 hundredths in albany. this was after we were in the 80's and 90's. reagan national, 92 degrees today. the 63rd time this year we have hit 90 or better. 67 was the morning low. only a trace of rain so far at the airport. 66 in gaithersburg and frederick. befriend has not passed through frederiksberg yet. it is going to get -- the front has not pass through frederiksberg yet. we will see a cool down overnight. then he continues down south. the rain will just be a temporary visitor. -- of the heat continues down south. the rain will just be a temporary visitor. a tornado warning for a while in queens and staten island and york city this afternoon. violent weather there. there is a second line developing and i'm beginning this will pivot of to beam northeast. -- of to the northeast. high-pressure returns from the west and that will be the mechanism for a lot of sunshine and pleasant weather for the next several days. partly sunny in the morning, 68 in the metro area. 73 midday. 80 in the afternoon. clouds and sunshine. it will not s
is all albany stinks and i'm the guy to fix it. not a bad way to do it. >> i'm a new yorker, he's taken on the new york republican establishment and turned it on its head so if he's got 10 million dollars to spend, we're talking about his campaign commercial right now, he got something like 93% voter approval in western new york, which is where all the republicans are, i think he's doing a terrific job and i wouldn't underestimate him. >> he sends out pornographic e-mails and says that the-- in which the president is portrayed as a pimp and the first lady as a prostitute. i don't think he's qualified on character grounds to be governor, buts' right, you know, albany does stink and andrew cuomo better step up and make the corruption issue, issue number unwith, it's on his website, but i'm not exactly clear he's crusading. >> so you're endorsing the smelly mailer tactic. >> yes. >> bret: that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a warm welcome between two church leaders. by the queen of england. >> this morning the pope was greeted by the queen who is the head of the church of england and f
anyone on the bridge. from highway 37 down to this point. 21 minutes. albany, ore. 80, and forget albany. albany is that bridge. steve jobs to the stages james san francisco at the apple news events showing off new live hogs. and all the avenues stuff. tech reporter gave slate was there, he choses what happened. >> there's a new ad had been out their threats the existing then on jobs and a nap. they got rid of the school real evidence of the dutch. fully touchscreen device. also cliff into the bedroom. because of six colors, even pre order now, should so next week. $149 a hundred and $79 for the 16th. there's a new 55 shuffle, it is similar to the second-generation people did not like the third generation without the balance. so that it back the bonds and is smaller. it is now a small shovel yet. it comes in five colors $49 to unclear now ships of this week. there's a fine touch. this one is thinner, lighter i held that i really liked it very late, easy and a pocket. better screen four times the pixels that the camera you can take pictures and 80 video. the editor friend facing camera fo
in albany. we'll talk about that. >>> and heart wrenching moments in a home invasion murder trial. the defense is trying to shift blame on to the police. this is the last time we will see this woman alive as she's telling a teller at a bank she needs money and people are holding her family hostage. we'll be right back. down the hill? man: all right. we were actually thinking, maybe... we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. [ indistinct talking and laughter ] whew! i think it's worth it. working with a partner you can trust is always a good decision. massmutual. let our financial professionals help you reach your goals. oh. about what? uh, they don't really think you're an exchange student. what? they think you're a businessman, using our house to meet new clients in china. for reals, player? [ woman speaks chinese ] they overheard a phone call. [ speaks chinese ] something about shipping with fedex to shanghai. and then you opened a bottle of champagne. that was for a science project. [ man and woman speaking chinese ] i'm late rehearsal. [ m
state of new york ends and to tell you that working in albany is just like watchi "saturday night live." there are a lot of characters. it's funny foren minutes and then you just want it to over. >> there is he is. thereal new york governor, david paterson. he made a surprise appearance on last night's season premier of snl. in the past, that show has spoofspoof ed paterson a few times. he released a statement saying that although he has a sense of humor, jokes that degrade people for their disability are not funny. i don't know what you'd call last night. he was pretty funny. you've got to be a good sport to come on to a show like that. >> any elected official, you have to have a little bit of a thick skin and sense of humor. if you're going to be in the line of fire, you better buckle in. for us, finally a little rain. we are goi to get more between now and tuesday night. outside today, we had just enough rain early this morning to bust a forecast to make a puddle or two, but it didn't add up to more than an inch of rain. lot of folks have had dry hours to get outside, push the baby
of new york comes to an end. working in albany is very much like watching "saturday night live." there are a lot of characters whose top for 10 minutes and then you just want them to go away. [applause] [laughter] i was a little bit shocked that he appeared. >> a good sport. >> absolutely. >>> we are looking forward to the rain. but we're not looking forward to a lot of rain. especially during the rush hour commute tomorrow morning. along pennsylvania avenue in the last hour, the wind was not going. moderate to heavy rains are expected for the overnight hours. here is what it's going on with our live doppler radar. we are looking at moderate rains at this time. head to southern maryland, and that is where the heaviest showers have been this evening. it is moving to these. but there is a lot more on the way over the next few hours and over the next couple of days. there have already been seven tenths of an inch of rain in the southwest. the high temperatures today were only 60 degrees. it is 62 degrees in the district at children's hospital. i expect the weather changed by this
51 degrees in albany. ú%obaaly drop down to the upper3 40s potentially tonight. so the cooler air is slowly working the way down. look at the difference in temperatures. from cleveland at 59 to indianapolis at 78. 30 minutes ago, 80 degrees there. and some f that warm air builds in with the help of high pressure. here is what is goiig oo. mechanism of the atmosphere. here is what is happening. high pressuue is cllckwise, rotating air.3 so we have clockwise rotating air and also sinking air, from a lost to the surface. so what is happening is that we are not seeing much clouddcover associated with any moisturee3 here. dry. the air is coming frrm the north. ú% cooler conditionss but the high shifts east. anddthat will drag in the warmer temperatures. ú% in our forecast, that'' how you look ahead and say, we will summer is trying to hold on. that's good news, because we want to hold onto it as ong as ppssible. as far as oot there, clear skies for the next couple of days.ú chance for showers, building in asswe get down the road. toward wednesday night. best chance to get maybe a
albany. stretch ack west. 82 in cleveland. so we are looking at some warm temperatures across parts of the midwwst. to the south. that will be drawn into our as the warm front cootinues to extend over parts of upstate nee york, ontario canada, northhrn pootions of michigan. firing off showers and storms for them. will have cold front that follows that. coming across the plains. that will sweep down across ouu region by saturdaa afternoon, that wiil start to really generate some cooling as we get through the week. so first paat of the weekend looking at clear kies friday. plenty of sunshinee warm front continues to push to the north. cold front behind that. that will continue to push in. ttat will give us a chance for that cooling as we get on saturday. and then into sunday. so mainly clear skies. 77 degrees.ú winds out of the southeast at five. then for tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. aaound 95 or the high. and then it looks like on our five-day forecast. we drop to 85 on saturday. with the front pushing through. we will continue to cool into sunday. 72 degrees.shine. fabulous we
across the mid-atlantic. nnrth of new york city. temperatures are cooler. 59 in boston. 56 in albanyand buffalo sitting at 58. and we continue to see the 70s just south of us. but it looks like we will continueeto stay on the mildly warm side of things or the nex3 few ace. cool front extends through the aaea. firing up stronger thunderstorms and issuing severe thunderstorm the game was earlier. postponing the game for 15 minutes gulf has pushed to the southeast. and we will continue to see that high pressure keep us dry. temmeratures will hold steady for the neet couple of days..3 across the state. future scan shows relatively no %-maybe a pop-up shower north ad west of us. buu for the most part. keeping our eyeeto the tropics. this is important. well definnd eye. eye wall here. you can see down. it is clear in the center of the quiet. calm winds. looking at this category 4 storm. igor. ú%nds 138 miles perrhour. getting to 167 milee per hour. ú%is is the strongest storm of the seaaon so far. and, in fact, tracking this storm. bermuda. folks there, or if you have plans to trave
is coming in, it's going to get hung up on the west side of the oakland hills. so albany, kesington. daytime high today in oakland, still 78 degrees. so certainly pretty mild for this time of year. but not as warm as we've been seeing with low 90s upper 80s. look who comes back for the week end. that is not a strong system but it's enough that it will trend our temperatures down, bring us a constant fog at the coast nights and mornings. pick up the southwest wind as well. so this is going to be -- it's not a deal breaker for the weekend. it's not going to be as hot as it had been. tomorrow evening, the fog is arnold. just kind of stopping off the hills. it's right back to the coast but very little coastal clearing tomorrow. temperatures coast side are going to be mainly in the 50s and very low 60s. livermore not 101 but 94 tomorrow. so down a good 7 degrees. 88 in san jose, 92 in gilroy, foggy along the coast. pacifica, 65. this is up way from the water. down at the beach it's going to be in the 60s. a five day forecast that includes cooling, that fog came back. and to quote my friend at the
minute drive. eastbound towards the lower deck that is also lowing like a free ride rain now. albany, westbound 80. you can see not a lot of company on the road it's a decent ride. as he approached the bay bridge, that is also looking smith. james. >> thank you, this is since the kron4 news room bp has just released findings of an internal investigation regarding the oil spill. we said we're looking for this across this morning it just now can across the wire. it comes nearly five months after the explosion. 11 people died when a burst into flames and sound. according to the report it saysl,l, it is a hundred and 92 pages, the company described the incident as an accident that arose from a complex of in their legs human errors, team interfaces, a lot of jargon there. this report is brought ashore from the final word.far from the final word. 'm sure there'll be counter and conflicting those on who's to blame. and what the overall prostate will be and who will say that, will it be bp or the trans ocean the company owns the rate. more to come on that, expect more details throughout the
ahead we continue, let's go outside a live look this morning this is our albany camera. those taillights are headed for me those headlights are headed westbound rates to the s curve. as you make your way down towards the macarthur maze. we'll be right back. ?÷ the challenge jobs. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer this is the back to school list. the cost always makes mom freak. mommy. mom, the back to school list is here. looks expensive. graphing calculator, flash drive -- that was easy. [ male announcer ] get back to school and back to savings on everything on your list at staples. in mayor back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. again of the unseasonably cool weather today. 78 degrees in land 68 around the bay. low 60s along the coast, not so much morning fog is we had yesterday to market comes back. friday, saturday, sunday warned that slightly, getting up to the mid to upper case. amid the low seventies around the bay. 60s along the coast, we keep that trend happening as we head into next week. quic
of the shore no problems whatsoever on westbound 8 you're coming out of albany here red and golden gate into downtown san francisco looking like a 16 manager. james. >> thank you, a quick update on our developing story the san bruno gas line of father and son being hailed as heroes for saving the lives of several people six elderly women were left inside a senior care home and their caretaker abandoned them. >> he is at his job at the center is an intercompany sharing his car the became an emergency vehicle when he used to evacuate 3 of 6 lemon a man not been able to leave the area of their own hours. on thursday night reductor during the explosion they took off from our home a few blocks away and immediately looked for people needed help the seniors on called the kron europa, and six occupants of his character actor left them. >> as we got down there, we sought a lady on the sidewalk being held by another lady was in a wheelchair we're like this does not look right. so we stopped, the laser is trimming help, help, help me put the lady in a wheelchair in my car it went door to door look
is sanctioned. that's largely due to a campaign waged by a politician i met in state capital albany, one who regards mma as excessively violent. >>reilly: when you can kick and knee and elbow and choke a downed opponent, a person lying helplesson the ground that is certainly a violence that is unacceptable. >>reporter: reilly also believes the mma is inherently unsafe. others disagree. >>barkin: the fact of the matter is that this is a safe sport. people want to do it in ny. we have referees and judges that are ready to start judging it here as soon as it's legalized. >>reporter: in the past 3 years 2 fighters have been killed in sanctioned mma fights in the us, andwhile advocates admit the sport, like many others, has it's risks, they argue it is safer than boxing, which is legal. >>anderson: if you look at boxers. 12 rounds straight, that's 36 minutes hitting one area as opposed to watching a 5 minute ufc match where you can hit any area, and you're not repeatedly being able to hit it. >>reilly: they argue not as many people have been killed as in boxing and i say...oh that's a greatreason
there albany. and we have that, reconditioan'e on the weather. >> everyone is looking towards the weather, we have a heat wave in store for this weekend. triple digits, for today not the case, today will be pretty cool, an albany temperatures about 54 degrees. clear conditions, not much in the way of fraud, 62 by noon on high temperature of about 65 back down again to the upper 50s. we are dealing with a little bit of wind, 16 and sfo, much kron over the east bay, oakland is seen sustained winds at 23 mi. per hour fairly strong winds in oakland, 15 per hayward, 14 into fairfield. 10:00, the temperatures in the '50s, '60s not really warming up much. by noon we should see them anymore '60s, are high temperatures to the kind of a mixture between '60s, '70s all this dealer shows is for real season '70s to the napa and the delta. for the most part it will stay cool. backed down and the '50s and '60s by 7:00. numbers bringing in seven to the mid-70s and a warm response. 67 san francisco, south bay keeping the some bridges and low-mid-70s. along the coastline of but 62 degrees for have obeyed. here
at 80 through albany. those headlights westbound making their way through the s curve. mild conditions right now you want a trying to conserve the cool air out there right now shut the windows and doors keep cool air in because it will get hot. >> that is the last time use a mild weather. today we have got hot forecast today's going to be warmer than yesterday. triple digits in some of the warmer inland spots we circling off midweek. currently temperatures this morning warm of their 65 through oakland, 70 in through antioch, san francisco 55, redwood city 63. tickets through the day by 10:00 a.m. warming it up really quickly all the warring shows as 80 by 10:00 a.m. then warming it up by noon time bringing in some '90s. ninety's filling in becoming widespread into the afternoon even purple which troubles digits. warm by 7:00 p.m. keeping '80s around. those numbers breaking those sentry marks in places like sonoma and fairfield, 97 in napa, down along the peninsula 82 in san francisco, heating and up from san mateo into palo alto. a spate same story 91 for alameda, castro valley 93. an
not vacate albany with spitzer who was preceded by governor paterson. he had a record of alleged altercations with women and felony drug arrests as a teen. patterson suspended johnson and stating that he was realistic about, quote an accumulation of obstacles and offered new yorkers this. >> i give you this personal oath. i have never abused my office, not now, not ever. >> five days later patterson was charged with an ethics violation for inappropriately obtaining yankees world series tickets. the commission has referred the case to the albany county d.a. and state attorney general for possible criminal charges. not only is the swamp still festering but it seemed to go into every crevice. >> draining the swamp.... >> it's all right laughable. it still is terrible place that is clogged with corruption and the place to start cleaning is your very own party. >> and coming up, the effects of the democrats health care bill, small business owners speak out, next. i was driving in northern california. my son was asleep. i really didn't see it coming. i didn't realize i was drifting into the other l
hassoun for a year and a half. as wgn's jay miller reports, some of his albany park neighbors are stunned by the news after the arrest. >> reporter: people here in the 4700 block of north kedzie are in absolute shock. they say 22-year-old sami samir hassoun seemed like a normal guy. they say he was a nice guy. however, federal officials say he had a dark side and a deadly plan. one that included killing mayor daley. >> i was in shock. i could never expect that from him. he didn't look like that kind of a man. >>> eva works a few doors down from this man. 22-year-old sami samir hassoun who was arrested saturday in wrigleyville after allegedly plotting to set off a bomb as hundreds left the packed rock concert just after midnight. >> he didn't look like that kind of a person. >> reporter: but according to the fbi, he was that kind of person. officials say a year long investigation says he had plans to blow up willis tower. set off car bombs around the city and kill mayor daley so an associate of his can take control of the city. his neighbors don't think he was serious. >> he just big mouth
the governor publicly apologized and seven days later resigned from office. >> that did not vacate albany with spitzer who was preceded by governor paterson. he had a record of alleged altercations with women and felony drug arrests as a teen. patterson suspended johnson and stating that he was realistic about, quote an accumulation of obstacles and offered new yorkers this. >> i give you this personal oath. i have never abused my office, not now, not ever. >> five days later patterson was charged with an ethics violation for inappropriately obtaining yankees world series tickets. the commission has referred the case to the albany county d.a. and state attorney general for possible criminal charges. not only is the swamp still festering but it seemed to go into every crevice. >> draining the swamp.... >> it's all right laughable. it still is terrible place that is clogged with corruption and the place to start cleaning is your very own party. >> and coming up, the effects of the democrats health care bill, small business owners speak out, next. it's work through the grime and the muck, mo
. -- scandals in reeseen areas. >> i think he is articulating people's anger with albany. i think the mailer was an ingenious an innovative way to connect all of the sents to how people felt about albany. >> he has reportedly sent out the mails are to 200000 household. >>> a new biography out this morning is causing quite a controversy between michelle obama and the french first lady. the boying on fry is about the wife of the french president. it quotes michelle obama as calling life in the white house hell. but the white house says the first lady never said that and the french embassy says mrs. sarkozy quote distances herself completely from the book. the biography is called carla the ambitious but it is not an official biography. >>> still ahead on fox 5 morning news, when nature calls, why not head to the best bathroom in the nation. we'll show you which john won top honors. >>> if we can rye to top that, maybe on the commute. october right now on the 14th street bridge. we'll see how it is elsewhere. we'll check in with julie after the break. it is
, connecting can albany and berkeley. festival-goers heard music from 75 different bands and tasted food from 75 different vendors and able to connect with 200 non-profits that separateup information jonathan solano avenue is home to about 200 small businesses. coming up next, we'll have a complete rundown of nfl sunday, including a 49ers and raiders highlight -- not introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon. super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming and access to thousands of free apps. all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. the samsung fascinate. only at verizon. . >>> good evening everyone and welcome to this late sunday night edition of sportswrap. on this first sunday of the nfl season, we'll start with baseball, because that is where we can find something good to sigh about an bay area team. rallying in the first inning against the padres, buster poseey riding a pitch the opposite way into the jury box in right field. the two-run field. tim listencum add to the lead in the 4th, slapping a hit to score 2. >> 5-0, giants at this point. lincecum looks like his old
the on highway 24, 24 is backed up to the caldecott tunnel. interstate 80 through albany the name is well say the bay bridge backup begins up here on 80 westbound. continuing delays for your ride all morning long. even 580 coming out of richmond with will be delayed trying to get on to lower the short freeway on the westbound ride you know what that means. same possible avenue caring a lot of traffic this morning. taking a look at the maps you will see the short freeway slow from here but solid from there. highway 24 you will see speeds, i will pull it in closer, 24 the caldecott tunnel coming down from our station all the way pass highway 13 down to the macarthur maze slow and go traffic. interstate 580 you can see is backed up into downtown oakland tried to get westward towards the bay bridge toll plaza. a tough ride this morning because of problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge. it was blocked with this bill for the long this time. a blocked at 580 blocked a lanes. on 680 south found in this and all down towards niles canyon road now of course we have slowed down. i way for delays fr
is meant to drive home his message that something stinks up in albany, the state's capital. joining me now, new york gubernatorial candidate carl paladino. how did you come up with this idea to send out mailer that's actually smell like garbage? >> well, i've been feeling my way through the political scene and somebody suggested that they have this type of thing available, so we looked into it and it's just basically a folder, and then when you open it, the -- when the oxygen hits the card, the stink starts and the longer you keep -- the longer you keep it open. >> the worse it gets? >> oh, sorry. yeah. the longer you keep it open, the worse the stink gets. >> i'm not sure if -- you're definitely catching a lot of attention with it, i'm not sure if you're going to anger some people who open it and don't want the smell, but it's a political gamble you're taking. >> we've received absolutely no complaints. we've received no complaints and we've actually had a lot of people commend us on it. >> all right. i just want to go over a couple of your positions for our viewers who may not have follo
is a wealthy new york developer. he crushed lazio62 to 3 #-%. he says he'll go to albany with quote a baseball ba t-rbs to take out the trash. >> republicans, democrats, indianas all new yorkers who are fed up, all of you here, all of you watching and listening across this great state, together we will win in november, we'll take back our government, and rebuilt and re-- rebuild and restart our economy. >> reporter: he did come under fire for once forwarding racist and pornographic materials. it was an outspoken, blunt talk that won the day last night. jenna: we can ask this question now, eric. what are his chances of actually winning and becoming governor of new york. >> reporter: it will be an uphill battle. andrew cuomo, polls have been showing andrew cuomo leading by about 30 points. paladino overcame almost that against lazio. he says the tea party philosophy reflects the average voter. >> they've had enough of the party labels, they don't want to listen to the ruling class any more. they want justice, they want a government of the people, by the people and for the people and that's what
will have the full update on what we can expect for the weekend. i live look outside, this is the albany camera. not a problem if you're heading from hercules berkeley in that area in the san francisco. 44 we come back. >> welcome back, a fishery a shot of the james lick traffic in the san francisco area had been san francisco still not from, a quick check dated your heading from san francisco into oakland, the problem on the lower deck has been cleared it should be smooth sailing if you're heading in that direction. talking about smooth let's start with the weather. that's over to louisa does so we can expect. >> the good news is is such a warm and your superb side. not to it than the fog. a clear shot of the golden gate, which is pretty different memory yesterday. san francisco, the upper 50s are ready. new and getting up to 79 degrees. still warming it up, getting into the 80s today in san francisco. i know for of your company by not having a summer a liking this temperature. ulster also starting to see temperatures getting into the '60s. that 60 degrees to concord. livermore 66 and u
in most locations will warm up nicely. but to give back into these a day. here's a shot of albany. patchy fog is a dreadful but quickly. yesterday we did not get out of the '70s to they wish to normal livermore than not back down to the low 70's by the clock hour. dealing with little bit of thought, you can see that fog pushing rates down through the gate and up to the north bay on 1012 santa rosa to petaluma. started a version to version like livermore and san friday night there's a band of rain started to question to the area. looks it wil7nñ get a good w serene as far since the north bay.e6 8xoéqñ continues tt x#mtoday(a we canpfl get some s as far south as san francisco. we will keep the rain and the forecast for0r much of the dayn your saturday even into portions of your sunday. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it raises temperatures in the1q>ñ's the next couple of days to to ñ more as we head towards you thursday. vnilow sixties around the bay '60s for the coast, slate to answer rain friday night reagan through the weekend.v%k let's get a quick ck on your morning
of their preacher for your way. were starting 0 coming out of albany you can see a bit more companies bestows delay for a ride is a major way to the toll plaza which aired assured you moving just fine. james. >> kron4 broke the story of a major flaw in muni's new high- tech the preferred commuters from the basically does white your hand in front of the sensors and the gates open up will now stanley roberts sellers have the authority is responding to the issue and other charges directly related to the flock to becoming it is a story only zero kron4. >> last thursday kron4 church to a major collector fought in munis $30 million clipper gave system is a flaw that allows anyone to enter anyone's bay area with nothing more than a way to finance. >> they all good. >> this was stock to be from at least six other. >> star tv answer reach around. >> what church year from the same thing for gate 7 by passing your hand over the marshes of deserters. this is a system ride from that officials knew about but still at the gates in front line and you pay for this. since there as the first reporter jury lovelock ri
these big, and albany sure you traffic on was but 80 as you make your way down to berkeley. and your back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. boyer we are kicking off a warming trend beginning today, 85 mercer degrees inland mid-70s around the bay, mid-60s that the coast and everybody will see a big bump in temperatures as we headed to friday, saturday, sunday monday looks to be the hottest of the next seven with temperatures getting up to the triple digits in the end table and the upper 80s around the bay, seven days of the coast this weekend will be great if you think you might want to head to the beach. today marks the six month anniversary of the health-care overhaul bill. we did bring some new benefits for some americans. insurance plans can no longer set lifetime caps. parents can keep their adult children on their propfans until the age of 26 and insurers can no longer deny coverage to children of pre-existing conditions. also preventative care will no longer require co- payments the changes go into effect for some cable this week and your engineers were slapped way to le
cleaning up albany. throwing the rascals out. it's a growing list of people on carl paladino's problems or enemies list. >> so, it has an unusual meaning in his case. you're saying, it's not a physicalkill him? >> no, no, no. you know what, the reporter he was talking to, fred dicker, has i think a green fwhelt karate so if i don't know if that was really a realistic opportunity or option for karl paladino, but no, he says it quite a lot. but anger is real. the frustration that he's been trying to panel it's been a major theme of his campaign. he's been saying there's just no room. he talks in very rough language. when he criticizes the head of the state of the assembly. he doesn't just say, i want to get him out by voting him out. he says i think he ought to go to prison. really, wild kind of charges. and so, so this has been the temperature of the campaign. >> that's a legal remedy. joe klein, i'm not so sure of what i'm listening to here up here. when one guy threatens a guy and says, i'm going to take you out, it sounds more severe than just, i'm going to talk to your employer, mr.
said you're mad as hell, would take a baseball bat to alba albany. it's one of your key mottos this year. the question is, how do you plan on convincing voters you'll be able to get anything done with a state assembly that's more than 70% democratic? >> we've been convincing them right along, and we're going to continue. we're staying on message, same message. this isn't a race between republicans and democrats or conservatives or working family party members. this is a race between the people and the establishment. and the establishment sees us coming now. clearly, the people are speaking. they're listening to our message. they're engaging. >> okay. wel well, let me play you the cuomo campaign's latest ad. it goes after you pretty aggressively. we'll discuss it. >> carl par dean know got a $1.4 million to create jobs. official filings show one job was created. a $1.4 million tax break for one job? >> that's also the cover of "the new york daily news" today. you used to be a businessman. you said you would slash government spending. would you return that $1.4 million by your ow
-old in the hospital. on fridays, in the weeks leading up to homecoming, senior students at albany high drive by freshman walking home and pelt them with eggs. students say it's a harmless tradition, but school leaders say the tegging amounts to serious bullying and it's getting out of hand. friday night, police responded to five incidents. the most serious involved a 13 . in that case, when the eggers ran out of eggs to throw, they started throwing punches. police say the boy ended up with a fractured skull. the 17-year-old believed responsible was arrested. he faces felony battery charges. >> i don't think it was cool. i don't think -- that's not what it's really about. it's about throwing eggs, not physically assaulting. >> we all know this is a tradition, this hazing thing with the eggs, and this has just gone too far. >> the albany high principal calls the series of the eggings the worst he's ever seen in a long time. >>> later this morning, lawyers will try to reduce the bail of a man that could possibly be involved in last week's east bay killing spree. 72-year-old charles rittenhouse
. >> carl paladino isn't part of the solution in albany, he's part of the problem. >> reporter: this week, cuomo started attacking paladino by name. >> mr. paladino's agenda is an extreme agenda. and i think now that the voters will be able to look at that clearly. >> reporter: cuomo cites his position opposing abortion and his suggestion that welfare recipients enroll in a dignity core with housing in old prisons. on the new york city subway, most don't even recognize paladino, although that's changing with daily headlines like the one today revealing some of paladino's aides have criminal records. he readily admits he too has made mistakes in life. last year he revealed to his wife of 40 years what his children already knew, that he fathered a child with another woman. he sent around racist, sexist and pornographic e-mails. >> i didn't mean to offend anybody. i sent it to a select group of friends. those friends, okay, treated them privately, except for obviously one. >> reporter: but republicans are lining up behind him. >> carl paladino is a lot like some of the tea party candidates w
it back to albany if he wins in november. one politician compared him to hitler. others say he's unfit to lead. well, he's going to join us so we can hear from him. carl palladino, 7:15 eastern. >>> and catholic women ordained as priests? yes, the church calls it a great crime, the same as pedophilia. carol costello is going to join us with an "a.m. original" just ahead. >>> all right, one minute past the hour right now. and first up, your money and your taxes. when it comes to tax cuts, it's getting tough for the president to figure out just who's on his side. 31 house democrats have now broken from the ranks, each of them signing a letter to their congressional leaders, opposing the president's plan to extend the bush tax cuts for the middle class only. and not for the top-income earners. they want everyone to continue to get tax breaks. it's your paycheck up for grabs. americans earning between $50,000 and $75,000 will get socked by a tax hike of more than 1,100 bucks on average. more than $100,000 and it's $3,600 added to your taxes. dan loathian is live at the white house. of how
be okay this afternoon. maybe it will spark a thunderstorm or two this afternoon,il hartford to albany but they will be widely spread. we will see a nice forecast in d.c., 83 and sunny. fantastic. tuesday looks nice, too, as everything pushes away. that cold front moves off the coast, nice weather conditions, a little cooler in northern new england than you may like, but still looks good. the tropics are active but none of those storms are heading or way so we're left with beautiful weather from chicago, minneapolis, iowa. the only wet weather is up there in nebraska it appears this afternoon and tonight. dallas to areas of florida looking good. tuesday, a quiet weather pattern, nice tranquil weather this week no severe storms, nothing in the tropics heading our way. >> weather for the east coast, new york and son? >> a bit of showers this morning. this afternoon and tomorrow will be much better. >> thanks, bill. >>> who won at the box office this weekend? plus the mtv video music awards go gaga over lady gaga. your "first look" at enteainment is straight ahead. about zyrtec® is that
at middlebury, skidmore, some of the top performing, university of new york, albany, stoneybrook. our students are succeeding when getting into those four-year schools. we still have work to do in terms of students going to community college and some of the two-year programs here in the city. we get better results. all of the assembly schools track their students in where they're going to college. we want to know not just that they graduated from high school. that is a start. but we want to know they're graduating from clemg as well. that's our focus. >> murray, what do you say to the murray fisher ten yerz, a 25-year-old watching, what can i do? that seems like a big mountain to climb to start my own high school. what do you say to those people? >> the lesson i've learned is having a good idea about a school does not necessarily make a good ideal. the implementation has been the most difficult part of it. starting it, we were part of a huge reform effort. we just jumped on that wave that was moving. and i happened to be able to bring this idea to the right people. the person ten years ago, i
there in a few spots. especially northern new england. albany, 47 this morning. and we're 51 in hartford, so grab the jacket or a sweater as you head out the door. this afternoon will be gorgeous, but a little brisk out there this morning. a little bit of a breeze, too, but skies are clear. the only showers we have is in extreme northern portions of vermont and maine. but even there, a nice day today. temperatures will be about 83 in d.c., by far the warmest. everybody else in the 70s and just a nice crisp afternoon. a good day to eat your lunch out doors. buffalo cooler at 65. we also have some big thunderstorms in kansas. as far as the weather goes in our country, this is probably the worst of it today. this will head towards kansas city this afternoon. some big storming rolling out there. so the forecast for today, the only travel trouble spots if you're flying would be kansas city up into minneapolis. chicago looks nice today. it's hot in dallas. in san antonio and houston, you can't catch a break this summer. still temperatures in the mid-90s today. it's pretty hot down there from new orlean
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